North Spain : do you like Trains?

Apart off going to the beach or having a drive on the fantastic North Spain roads , there is many other things you can do , Biker Charles Roberts is an enthusiast off trains and spent a week with us touring the roads and at...

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Mies de Villa´s Garden and covered terrace

For some people it is hard to decide where to go on the holidays , because they don´t know what they will find when they get there , because sometimes photos can be changed from there real thing , here is a small video off...

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Beauty of North Spain , Santander Cantabria

I think that the best way to start our blog is to dedicate the firts article to our Nature , presenting you all ,some fantastic videos , part off the work of our amazing director and photographer Jaled Ibarra , born in Castro Urdiales (...

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The Fauna in Mies de Villa, North Spain

Our stick insects , have beeing here for a few years , they love siting and relaxing in the garden under the shade off the acer tree,there is nine off them , the family is getting bigger every year [gallery link="file" size="medium" ids="50610,50609,50608,50607,50606,50604"]...

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